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Enroll in LearnStorm
Get started by creating a Khan Academy teacher account or signing into your existing one. Enroll from your teacher dashboard. All your existing classes will automatically be enrolled.

If you don’t have a class, you can create your class on Khan Academy. Please note, the class should have 10 or more students to qualify for the prizes.
Make assignments
Select exercises, videos, and articles from Khan Academy’s library to assign to your students, including our growth mindset content! Learn how to assign content to your students.

Teachers who are using the course mastery paired with assignments model can use the assignments they’re already providing to students.
Learn and practice
Students work individually on what you’ve assigned, contributing towards a common class goal! 

Note: Independent practice on unassigned work, mastery progress, and Official SAT Practice will NOT count toward progress in LearnStorm and will not be reflected on your LearnStorm tracker.
Celebrate progress
When your students complete assignments, claim progress as they watch, whether in person or online. Be prepared for little surprises coming your way! We recommend you record the progress loading moments in case you can't share it live.

Continue to assign content and encourage completion, claim new progress, and unlock more surprises!

This year, LearnStorm is available from 10/1 to 12/24. Watch a quick video tutorial here and follow our step-by-step guide on how to implement LearnStorm with your students!

What is the duration of learnstorm?
This year, LearnStorm runs from 10/1 to 12/24. After 12/24, though no new assignments will be counted, teachers still have an additional week- through 12/31, to claim all the progress earned from assignments completed by 12/24.

As your whole class completes assignments together, watch the LearnStorm tracker fill in. And be prepared for surprise celebration moments! One ring on the tracker requires the number of completed assignments to be 3 times the number of students in your class. For example, if you have 25 students in your class, one ring requires 75 completed assignments. It's as simple as that! There’s no limit to how many rings your students can achieve! Keep going! Keep growing! 
Pro-tip: Remember, the ring movement and the celebratory animation at the end of the movement cannot be replayed once it happens. Videotape the loading of the tracker in case you can't share it live with your students, and in case anyone misses class. Don't forget to capture your students' reactions to seeing the animation and share it with us via Twitter or Facebook using #LearnStorm2020.

Caution: Once students unlock that first level, you might find that students are asking you to assign them more work—teacher swoon! 

Having more questions about the tracker? Please head over to our FAQ page and find them under the "Participation FAQs."
We’ve got your back! Here are some helpful hints from teachers all around the world who have used LearnStorm. 

1. Setting a weekly or daily cadence always helps. We’ve had a lot of teachers mention that they check progress on a weekly basis. 

2. It’s flexible! You can make LearnStorm competitive or collaborative. LearnStorm is a great for fostering class collaboration and building teamwork. Set a goal to reach a certain LearnStorm level together as a class. Encourage students to work together to complete the number of assignments required to reach the next level each week. If competition motivates your students, you can easily spark friendly competition with another class, or create separate Khan Academy classes for sub-groups of students within the same class.

3. If your course is Course Mastery enabled, we strongly recommend you make a Course Mastery goal for your students. Even though the LearnStorm progress tracker only reflects the number of assignments your students have collectively completed, a very important measure of progress for each student is mastery of the essential skills they need for the school year. Setting a Course Mastery goal for your students will keep everyone focused on the real impact of mastery-based learning. 

p.s. Teachers who are using the course mastery paired with assignments model can use the assignments they’re already providing to students to earn LearnStorm progress! 

Not sure how-to? Visit our Resources page to know more.

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