LearnStorm India is now over!


GetTING started
Teachers, make sure you have created a Khan Academy Teacher account, added a class, and created accounts for your students. Not sure how to? Visit our Resources page and watch 3 short tutorial videos.

Starting 13th August, you can easily sign your classes up for LearnStorm using the LearnStorm banner on your coach dashboard.

In order to get the full LearnStorm experience, students must be part of a class on Khan Academy and signed up for LearnStorm by their teacher.
How to participate As a Teacher
Assign: Starting 5th September, assign lesson-aligned videos, exercises, articles to your students on Khan Academy. We recommend assigning at least 45 minutes of practice per week (~5 assignments per student).

Promote practice: During LearnStorm, any assignments completed by your students, in-class or at home, will count toward progress on your custom LearnStorm Tracker.  Note: Independent practice on unassigned work will not count toward progress in LearnStorm and will not be reflected on your LearnStorm tracker. Make sure your students remember this!

Check your LearnStorm Tracker: We recommend checking your LearnStorm Tracker regularly and frequently to see which level your class is on. With your students watching, navigate to your LearnStorm Tracker and click "check progress". Watch your class progress populate. This works best when you project your screen to the entire class. The link to your LearnStorm Tracker will be provided in a banner on your coach dashboard and via weekly emails.

Pro-tip: Consider taking a video to capture your students' reactions and share it with us via Twitter or Facebook using #LearnStorm or tagging @khanacademy

Keep going, Keep growing! With each new level, your class will unlock a digital badge or a surprise celebration! There are an unlimited number of LearnStorm levels your class can unlock. Set a goal and keep going, keep growing! You never know what you might discover on the next LearnStorm level :) 

The program is available for 6 weeks and closes on 19th October. After 19th October, assignments completed by students will no longer count toward levels in LearnStorm. Teachers can continue to check their LearnStorm Tracker until 30th October.
How to participate as a student
Students complete the teacher’s assignments to unlock LearnStorm levels and earn special badges! Each assignment will help students develop new learning strategies, and learning confidence.


Can I participate in LearnStorm if I do not live in INDIA?
At this time LearnStorm is available to classrooms in the US, Mexico, and India. We hope to expand the program to additional geographies in future years.

Classrooms in Mexico can participate in a program like LearnStorm. To learn more visit khanpeonato.khanacademy.org

Classrooms in US can participate in LearnStorm. To learn more visit learnstorm.khanacademy.org
Can ANY GRADE participate in LearnStorm?
Yes, LearnStorm is open to all teachers and students! However, the program is most appropriate for 3 - 12 grade classrooms.
As a principal or school manager, can I sign up all of my students for LearnStorm?
Yes. Please note though LearnStorm is designed as a teacher and classroom-based campaign, and works when teachers sign up each of their classes for LearnStorm.
Where can I find resources to help me participate in LearnStorm?
Check out the LearnStorm resources page!
What if I have a question that isn't answered here?
Check out Khan Academy’s Help Center where you can read how-to articles, submit a ticket, or post to the support community. You can also WhatsApp us at 9711570671 or email us at indiasupport@khanacademy.org.


How is LearnStorm different from normal Khan Academy?
LearnStorm is built within Khan Academy. It is a fun, motivating experience that will be available to classrooms for 6 weeks. As part of LearnStorm, teachers will have access to a special LearnStorm Tracker showing their class move through a series of LearnStorm levels. As classes work together to complete LearnStorm levels, they will earn limited edition digital prizes.
What content will my students work on during LearnStorm?
The content students experience during LearnStorm is selected and assigned by their teacher. Teachers can assign content from across the Khan Academy library during LearnStorm. Any content item (video, article, exercise) a teacher assigns will count in LearnStorm.
How much time per week does participating in LearnStorm require?
Classes complete levels in LearnStorm by completing assignments. On average, we recommend 5 assignments per student per week of LearnStorm. If teachers follow the recommendation to assign 5 assignments per student for the week, we estimate it would take about 40-45 minutes of time for students to complete those assignments. Assignments can be completed in class, as homework, or any time students have access to their Khan Academy accounts, even at an after school program or the library. Teachers can assign more or less depending on what feels most appropriate for their students.
How do classes move from one level to the next?
Classes complete levels by completing 3 assignments per student. For example, a class with 20 students would need to complete 60 assignments to complete a level. There is no requirement to achieve a certain number of levels in LearnStorm. Classrooms can move at their own pace toward their own level goal. Classrooms can unlock an unlimited number of levels in LearnStorm, they will never lose levels in LearnStorm.
What if I add / drop students mid-way through the challenge?
Your class progress for completed levels in LearnStorm will be saved. For example, say you earned the level 1 prize with 10 students but then added 2 students. Your level 2 assignment target would go up based on those 2 students, but you would NOT lose your level 1 class progress. Classes will never lose levels in LearnStorm.
Does anything assigned by a teacher count?
Yes. Anything a teacher assigns will count in LearnStorm, including content in a different subject or grade. All completed assignments will count, regardless of the grade on the assignment or if it was turned in late.
How does deleting an assignment from my coach dashboard affect my class' LearnStorm progress?
Any work completed before you deleted the assignment will be recorded and count toward your class progress. However, any work completed AFTER you delete the assignment will no longer count.
Will student's who work on material that I haven’t assigned count in LearnStorm?
No. Only assigned work will count. This ensures that students are working at their learning edge and on relevant materials for your class. However, we encourage students to work independently through Khan Academy and to celebrate their progress through energy points they earn.
What will happen when the LearnStorm is over?
LearnStorm runs from 5th September - 19th October. When LearnStorm ends, teachers will still have access to normal Khan Academy, including the assignments tool and the full content library. After 19th October, assignments completed by students will no longer count toward levels in LearnStorm. Teachers can continue to check their LearnStorm Tracker until 30th October. On 30th October, the LearnStorm progress tracker will be removed and we will no longer offer LearnStorm prizes.
YouTube is blocked for my school. What do I do?
Khan Academy’s backup video player will be used automatically to play videos on the website if your school blocks YouTube.


What is the LearnStorm Class kit?
The LearnStorm Class Kit includes fun items that you can use to celebrate your students progress in LearnStorm.
How can i win a LearnStorm class kit?
LearnStorm will award a total of 500 LearnStorm Class Kits to the first 500 classes signing up for LearnStorm.

To earn a LearnStorm Class Kit, you need to have signed up for LearnStorm by clicking “Enroll for LearnStorm” on the banner in your Khan Academy Coach Dashboard. You must be signed into your Khan Academy teacher account to access the sign-up banner.
When and how do I get notified if i win a LearnStorm class kit?
If you are amongst the first 500 classes to sign up for LearnStorm, you will be notified via the email tied to your Khan Academy teacher account. If you won the prize box, please claim your prize box as soon as possible by filling out a form that provides us with the address the box is to be shipped to. The link to the form will be provided in your notification email.
We will ship the prize box as early as we can, but we cannot promise when you receive the box, since shipping time varies based on where you are located.


How doES MY SCHOOL become eligible for the school grand prize?
To apply for the Keep Going, Keep Growing Prizes, your class should reached Level 6 in LearnStorm! If there are multiple classes that reach Level 6, please submit only one collective application.

You can check to see what level your class is on using your LearnStorm tracker.
Yes you may! We understand that other teachers from your school may not be able to participate due to certain reasons, however we'd love to hear your LearnStorm story!
How do I apply?
You will receive an email with an invitation and instructions on how to apply. One application should be submitted on behalf of your school. Application open dates and the application deadline will be communicated via email.
What is required for the application?
The application consists of a few short answer questions about how LearnStorm has impacted your students, your classroom, your school, and you. The application is an online form and is submitted electronically.
How will my application be evaluated?
Khan Academy will select winners based on a review of the following four criteria:

1. Engagement in LearnStorm
2. School involvement and teamwork in LearnStorm
3. Creativity in implementing LearnStorm in your school
4. Quality of overall application

We're looking to recognise and reward the schools who use LearnStorm creatively, as a tool to deepen their classroom engagement and bring alive the spirit of "Keep Going, Keep Growing!" in their classes!

We'd love to see photos/ videos and any other media which you think will help your application come to life! See some sample videos here.
When and how will I be notified if we win?
We will notify you if your class has won on or before 15th December, 2018. All 10 Keep Going, Keep Growing winners and the Grand Prize winner will be notified on the same day.
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